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Being a responsible organization towards society’s needs is what we stand for. Since our inception, we have always been striving to make this world a better place. We are dedicated towards doing our bit to motivate individuals from every sector of life and empowering change.

Each activity that we do at SKM Steels is about inspiring growth and betterment of society as a whole. We understand that we have the level, awareness and influence to make a crucial contribution that would affect our community and environmental surroundings positively.

A healthy planet is the first stepping stone to holistic development. Realizing this, we at SKM plant trees every year for a greener and cleaner earth. This initiative is now in full swing in Indore. We have adopted a Village, Bhandotra in Gujarat where we take care of the education, sanitation, health, and agricultural know-how.

Together with Tata, SKM Steels has been a part of several initiatives towards betterment of society like donations to NGOs, Cancer patients, assistance to farmers for securing loans, etc. We have also started a computer centre in Bhandotra village where young & adults are given free computer education.

We have also adopted a girls school - Shaskiya Marathi Kanya Vidyalaya in Vijay Nagar, Indore and every year we contribute towards meeting their various needs like note books, stationary , steel wardrobes, furniture etc. Also, we conduct summer camps for tribal students and are actively engaged in conducting health camps in collaboration with Hospitals in various underdeveloped areas.